Attorney and Counselor at Law, and Ambiguity

Is "Attorney & Counselor at Law" a redundant job title? No. The roles are distinct and there is a time and place for each.

Encrypt and Send Documents with docTrackr

For lawyers, maintaining client confidentiality is paramount. As such, lawyers have always had an obligation to take reasonable steps to ensure that confidential client data remains secure.

Hi, I’m the Constitution, Remember Me?

For attorneys, the 4th of July is an ideal time to read and reflect on the Constitution. You swore an oath to uphold it, so there's no time like the present to remind yourself what it says.

Going Greek: Using Fraternity or Sorority Networks in Your Job Search

Being an alumnus of a fraternity or sorority is rewarding in terms of networking and career prospects. Try using your Greek life connections in your job search.

Women Lawyers: Silence Isn’t Always Golden

Women seem to have been opting out of speaking out in the study and practice of law. Silence isn't always golden, and women lawyers need to speak up.

Why Attorneys Need Local Legal Twitter Lists

You should be using Twitter lists to connect with your local colleagues--the same ones that you will run into at a regional conference, or a local CLE.

When To Keep Quiet in Court

Tenacity is great, but attorneys in the courtroom need to monitor their mouths.

24 Hours of (Legal) Rebels

The ABA Journal kicks off its "24 Hours of Legal Rebels" this morning with an essay by Legal OnRamp's Paul Lippe, a predictive survey of the 2011 legal landscape.

Tap the Hidden Talent in Your Law Firm

Discover the hidden talents of your law firm staff---and how to use them for more profitability.