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Why Are Lawyers So Expensive? I’ll Tell You Why

There is a lot of discussion lately about the need for lower-cost legal fees. This is an important discussion for lawyers to have, but I think it is also important to stop and reflect on why hiring a lawyer is so expensive in the first place.

Find Out How Much You Are Overbilling Your Clients

Waiting until the end of the month to record your time means adding 23% to the bill. Start billing in real time before your clients (or ethics boards) find this article and start asking questions.

Price Yourself Out of the Market

The paradox to great lawyering, great cases, and great income, is pricing yourself out of the market.

Billing by the Hour: We Didn’t Always Do It That Way

Billing by the hour is an established custom within the legal profession. We always didn’t always do it that way.

There Goes the Legal Industry: Big Firms Start Undercutting Themselves

Bloomberg Law interview discussing the economic pressure on billing rates at large law firms.

“[D]ifferences in billable rates are basically an accounting fiction”

Felix Salmon doesn’t think much of hourly rates at big firms: In other words, differences in billable rates are basically an accounting fiction, which is used to come up with a calculable final figure to be presented as the bill, but which do not actually reflect the difference in value between various strata of lawyers. […]

Fees for a New Firm

How I quote a fee to a prospective client. Also, is it worth talking to clients on the phone about fees?

Finances for a Solo Attorney: Offering Unbundled Legal Services

How solo attorneys can incorporate unbundled legal services and why it can help create cash flow.

The Guilt of Representation

Can guilt get in the way of bringing in business? Advice to new attorneys on how to represent clients.

Lawyers: Beware Low Billing Rates

Billing rates for most lawyers are too low. Attorneys should bill at least a market rate, and even higher if they can prove they are worth it.