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Virtual Private Network (VPN) Buyer’s Guide

As more and more of your client data moves to the cloud, it is pertinent you protect your client's trust by using a VPN. Installing an app and paying a nominal subscription fee are small prices to pay for peace of mind.

Which One is the Client?

A lawyer cannot follow a client's direction if they do not know the identity of their client. It may sound like an academic question, but there are many real-life situations where attorneys may be faced with the dilemma of client identity. Here are a few of those scenarios:

Posting Attorney-Client Communications On The Internet Is A Very Bad Idea

When you first see the headline “Lawyer Is Suspended for His Response to Internet Criticism,” it is easy to assume that a tech-hating functionary sitting in a professional responsibility office somewhere fundamentally misunderstood the internet and hung some poor lawyer out to dry. Yeah, not in this instance. After doing the run-of-the-mill sorts of things […]

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Client Confidentiality in the Digital Age

The pathways for breaching client confidentiality — whether due to simple carelessness or inadequate security — continue to multiply as technology advances.

The Difference Between Confidentiality and the Attorney-Client Privilege

Attorneys often confuse the ethical concept of the duty of confidentiality and the evidence concept of the attorney-client privilege. Let’s clear up some of that fuzziness.

Attorney-Client Confidentiality and Email

How the ABA addresses email communication and how it affects lawyers' duty of attorney-client confidentiality.

Does Using Gmail Put Attorney-Client Privilege At Risk?


This Post is Privileged and Confidential

Email disclaimers should be sparingly used, appear at the beginning rather than the end of the email, and state that information in the email is confidential or privileged only when it really is.

Advising Clients and Their Spouses: An Issue of Privilege

The loss of the attorney client privilege could hurt your client and place you on the hook for malpractice, unless you handle it the right way.

Include An Accountant in Attorney-Client Privilege

Robert W. Wood describes the case law and technique for including an accountant in the attorney-client privilege for sensitive financial matters.