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Four Reasons Billing By the Hour is a Competitive Disadvantage

The billable hour destroys innovation, it doesn't capture value, it is a terrible measure of performance, and causes tension between clients and lawyers. Increasingly, it also puts your firm at a competitive disadvantage.


Alternative Billing That is Friendly for Lawyers and Clients

Clients are demanding alternatives to the billable hour, and that is changing how solos and firms are behaving in light of these new expectations.


Find Out How Much You Are Overbilling Your Clients

Waiting until the end of the month to record your time means adding 23% to the bill. Start billing in real time before your clients (or ethics boards) find this article and start asking questions.


How to Offer Subscription Fees

Subscription fees can be a great fit for legal services, depending on your practice area and whether your clients have ongoing legal needs. Here's how to offer them.


Freshbooks: the Gold Standard for Timekeeping and Billing

Freshbooks is the gold standard for timekeeping and billing. It's easy to use, mobile-friendly, and comes with world-class customer service.


Breaking the Time Barrier: How to Unlock Your True Earning Potential (Book Review)

In order to understand difference between time and value, just read Breaking the Time Barrier. In about an hour, Mike McDerment will get you up to speed on the fundamental difference between churning billable hours and delivering value to your clients.


Are Billable Hours Eroding Trust Between Lawyers and Clients?

Billable hours are again being scrutinized as a result of alleged overbilling by a large law firm. Is hourly billing eroding the trust between lawyers and clients?

Billing by the Hour: We Didn’t Always Do It That Way

Billing by the hour is an established custom within the legal profession. We always didn’t always do it that way.

A Personalized Cover Letter Should Accompany Legal Bills

Use a personalized cover letter when sending out legal bills to clients. Letters communicate value and appreciation better than an invoice alone.

Alternative Fees: Hourly Billing in Drag?

Are alternative fee arrangements merely hourly billing disguised as something else? Are alternative fees appropriate even in unpredictable matters?

Why Pricing Should Be Part of Your Marketing Strategy

Your pricing strategy is not just an accounting activity meant to balance the books, but a signal of the quality of your work and support for branding.

Consider Alternative Fee Arrangements, but Don’t Give Up On the Billable Hour

Many firms--big and small--will embrace alternative fees in the coming years. The trick is to do it well, and not give up the billable hour entirely.

Do You Use Alternative Fees in Your Law Practice? (Poll)

Lots of people criticize lawyers' tendency towards hourly billing. Which begs the question: do you use alternative billing methods?

The Hourly Billing Myth: Time is Not Value

Time is simplistic. It is one component of value, but not the whole measure. Think beyond hourly billing.

Keep Track of Mobile Calls and Text Messages

Attorneys who make lots of phone calls can use MobileArchiver to search calls and text messages.