Access to Justice

Lawyerist’s ongoing coverage of efforts to close the gap between those who can afford to hire a lawyer and those who are too poor to quality for free legal services. (While we recognize that access to justice, access to lawyers, and access to law are separate but related concepts, we’re gathering them all under this heading for ease of navigation.)

Podcast #98: Web Apps for Justice, with Brad Clark

In this episode of the Lawyerist Podcast, former public defender Brad Clark explains how he started his own firm, powered by a criminal expungement web app that lets him start helping people before they even contact him.

Podcast #92: Access to Justice Through Fotonovelas and Video Games, with Susan Garcia Nofi

On this week's podcast, Sam and Aaron talk about just how to actually measure the access to justice gap. Then, Sam talks with Susan Garcia Nofi about using fotonovelas and video games to increase access to justice.

Limited Scope Representation, Limited Access to Justice

Limited representation models—either by lawyers or nonlawyers—will probably not solve the access-to-justice gap.

Access to Justice Sometimes Benefits from Moving Software to the Cloud

Sometimes, all it takes to increase access to justice is moving software to the cloud.

The American Bar Association Should Be a Champion of Open Access to Law

The ABA should be a champion of open access to law, the foundation on which the future of access to justice will be built. And it should start by opening up the law it controls.

Measuring the Access-to-Justice Gap: Nearly 70% of All Civil Defendants Aren’t Represented

Nearly 70% of defendants—and over 75% of all litigants—go to court without a lawyer. We aren't going to solve this gap with an app or more pro bono work.

Podcast #82: Starting a Non-Profit Firm While in Law School, with Jamie Sutton

On this week's podcast, Sam talks to Jamie Sutton, a third-year law student that has already started his own sliding-scale nonprofit law firm.

Access to Justice is a Lot More Complicated than Making Lawyers Affordable

If we can make it less expensive to hire a lawyer, more people should be able to afford the legal help they need. That will narrow the gap, right? Maybe not.

Microsoft Commits $1 Million to LSC for Access to Justice

Legal Services Corporation (LSC), the largest organization that funds legal aid programs, announced yesterday that Microsoft has committed $1 million of funding and resources to build out what LSC is calling “legal portals” – basically, online resources that will direct low-income people to legal providers. As its first step, the LSC’s portal project will create […]

Podcast #55: How to Help People Represent Themselves, with Mike Vraa

Some people who need to use the legal system want to go it alone, and a lot of those people call Mike Vraa’s free tenant hotline. On today’s podcast, some of his best tips for helping people represent themselves. Plus, we chat about our new guide, How to Set Up Your New Windows Computer. New […]