What to Do During Your First Winter Break in Law School

If you just completed your first round of law school final exams last week—congrats! You have undoubtedly spent the last few days catching on sleep, sleep, and all things life that you put off for 3.5 months.

If you are sitting around wondering what to do with the remainder of your break, here are some ideas.


Take at least a few days to forgot about whether you flunked property, how you will continue to read con law next semester, or what you will do next summer.

The first semester of law school is unlike anything you will ever experience. The amount of stress you just endured entitles you to take it easy for at least a few days, at a minimum.¬†Whatever sounds good to you—do it—and feel good about it.

Reflect on what worked and what did not

After you have relaxed and have regained some sanity, reflect on first semester—what worked and what did not. Did you have a study group and did it help? Are you on the verge of complete burnout?

The start of spring semester is an easy time to switch study habits and modify your expectations/workload. I spent tons of time in a study group first semester, but severely cut down second semester. For the most part, I did better studying by myself or just meeting once a week with one other person.

Think about (only think) next summer

Most firms are probably not hiring for next summer yet. Even if they are, most attorneys are probably either taking vacation, or enjoying the holiday lull—which makes it tough to network with them. If you want to try networking, check out this post on winter break networking.

Most importantly, think about what you might want to do next summer. If you have no ideas, make an appointment at career services for the beginning of next semester. The earlier you start think about summer jobs—and pursuing them—the better off you will be. Knowing what you want to do makes it easier to ask about opportunities and pursue them.


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