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The Un-Billable Hour: “Systems Keep You Sane”

Host Christopher Anderson talks to Kristen David, a law firm management and marketing advisor for How To Manage a Small Law Firm, about the systems you can put in place to help you run every part of a small law firm. They talk about how to craft checklists and share tips on how firm owners can free up their time. Finally, they also talk about how systems are sometimes resisted.

The Florida Bar Podcast: “Attorney Mental Health and Wellness”

More lawyers suffer from depression than any other occupation, according to a Johns Hopkins study. For this episode of The Florida Bar Podcast, hosts Christine Bilbrey and Karla Eckardt talked with Larry Krieger, a professor who is an expert on lawyer and law student well-being. He’s also the founding chair of the Section on Balance in Legal Education of the American Bar Association. They talk about why law firms need to care about employee happiness and should work to create a positive environment.

Make No Law—The First Amendment Podcast: “The Schoolhouse Gates”

For this episode of Make No Law, Ken White of Popehat.com discusses Tinker v. Des Moines, the landmark school free speech case. His guests are Mary Beth Tinker, the plaintiff in the case, who remains a free speech activist to this day, and Frank LoMonte, journalism professor and advocate for the free speech rights of high school and college journalists. They talk about how the Tinker case impacted freedom of speech for students on campuses today and how many current plaintiffs in First Amendment cases now face courts that are not as sympathetic as they were during the Tinker era.

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