The Swiftpoint mouse is a tiny, ergonomic mouse designed for slipping into your go bag, but I found it equally good for desktop use. It even held up to some clicky gaming (The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion), which says a lot about how comfortable and durable it is.

What I like about the Swiftpoint

The Swiftpoint is a seriously tiny mouse. Check out the image at right to see how small. It’s more like using a tiny pen than palming a normal mouse.

Due to the size, you can use it in more convenient places like the space in front of your keyboard, if you are sitting at a desk, or the palm rest on your laptop. That’s what makes it ideal for using with a laptop; you can use it even if there isn’t much room to maneuver. It is also light enough that you can keep your thumb resting on the mouse while you type, which is convenient if you are using your laptop in your lap.

I even liked using it even with my desktop. It’s nice to leave it sitting in front of my keyboard where I can grab it more quickly. It’s a different way to point, but it’s a pretty natural feeling, overall. It’s not even too bad for light gaming, surprisingly, which speaks to the overall ergonomics more than any benefit it might have for navigating Fastcase.

Battery life is also good. I used it for a couple of weeks without running out of juice, and the manufacturer claims you should be able to go 2–4 weeks between charges.

There are more tricks hiding in the Swiftpoint. You can change the up direction to suit your grip, scroll while holding the left mouse button, and more.

Overall, I really liked using the Swiftpoint.

What I didn’t like about the Swiftpoint

It’s not perfect, though. Using the right-click button feels a bit unnatural because of the way you have to curl your finger back to reach it.

The USB dongle/charger is nifty, but it really only works if you are using a laptop with a horizontal USB port. If your USB port is vertical like the ones on my ThinkPad, it won’t fit. I had to set my laptop on a book to get enough clearance for charging. And I couldn’t use it at all on my desktop, because the rear USB ports are all full, and the front ones are recessed. Since the battery lasts several weeks, this isn’t a dealbreaker, but it’s a bit annoying.

More concerning is my experience of the build quality. The scroll wheel on both test units I had felt grabby, as if the rubber wheel was rubbing against something on each rotation. On the first, it ruined the experience. On the replacement unit I got, it was still noticeable, but didn’t really get in the way. Hopefully this is a fluke, but two Swiftpoint mice with the same issue points to a potential build quality problem.


Swiftpoint Mouse
Reviewed by Sam Glover on .

Summary: The Swiftpoint mouse is a tiny, ergonomic mouse designed for slipping into your go bag, but I found it equally good for desktop use.

Score: 4 (out of 5)


  1. Hey Sam. Seems like a very cool unit. Thanks for the heads up on this new piece of equipment.

  2. cynicdesign says:

    I have had a total of 3 Swiftpoints… and I’ve only bought 1. The other two were replacements from the company.

    The first, the wheel was sticking, as described above. The second actually had the same problem, but it loosened up with a few hours use.

    I love the design of this thing. But after about 6 months of heavy use, the red rubber grip just disintegrated into a waxy sticky mess that came off on my fingers and keyboard. Here I am, 6 months later, and the third mouse is beginning to do the same.

    Great product, but they really need to nail down their materials.
    I’ll probably buy anew one anyway. It’s too good.

    Wish they’d come out with that original Swiftpoint SLIDE model.

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