I am delighted to become the newest Lawyerist blogger, and I bring the perspective of an enthusiastic Boomer who has had more than her share of careers and career paths.

I have been an administrative secretary and sales rep for a food broker, car sales rep and finance and insurance manager, typesetter (on stone-age and space-age equipment), plaintiff’s lawyer, library science student, headhunter for lawyers in two cities, and law school career services professional.

I am now an entrepreneur and the proud proprietor of three businesses: Pass the Baton (managing generation shift), nanoscapes (original abstract paintings), and susan-cooks! (a modest cooking school).

During 17 years at the University of Minnesota Law School’s career office, I was active in NALP, speaking often at national conferences on issues including Alternative Careers, Ethics in Recruiting, Second Career Lawyers, and Professionalism for Law Students. I served as first chair of NALP’s Law Student Professionalism Section, and I am now a member of Minnesota Women Lawyers’ Professional Development Section.

To help manage law practices and legal careers, I hope to share practical advice gleaned from observation and conversation with lawyers, law students, and other professionals, experienced entrepreneurs and novice business owners, and from my own leap onto a set of vastly different alternative career paths. My postings will primarily focus on thriving in a multi-generational workforce, career shift for experienced lawyers, and professionalism for law students.

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  1. Turophile says:

    Yeah! Susan is wonderful at providing insight with the right touch of humor.

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