Summer Clerkship Success

Many law students are about a month into a summer clerkship. Hopefully, you are making a little money for your efforts. If not, make sure your employer is not violating federal regulations regarding externs. Assuming everything is kosher, be sure to get the most out of your experience.

Everyday is a new interview

One of my former summer bosses told me that, and it is great advice. Show up everyday like it is your first day, and make a demonstrable effort to make a name for yourself. If you were the one applicant who got hired out of two hundred, congrats. Now get over yourself and establish that they hired the right person.

Granted, in this economy, there is no guarantee you will get offered a job at the end of your summer clerkship. At the same time, showing up and giving only 50% is a guarantee that you will never be offered a position. There are too many qualified law students and too few jobs.

Networking is just as important as good work

If your boss offers to buy lunch, or grab a beer after work, do it. Those are great chances for you to really showcase your personality and show that you would be a good fit for the office. Depending on where you are working, how your personality meshes with the rest of the office is just as important as the work you do. Different employers like different types of employees, and this is your chance to prove that your personality is a good fit.

Go above and beyond

All law clerks do the work assigned to them. Separate yourself from the pack by offering to help out on a big project—something that law clerks do not usually get assigned to. At worst, you get turned down. At best, you show initiative, and you have a chance to showcase some of your skills.

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  1. Avatar Aniksha Mathuraparsad says:

    I’m in the final year of my law degree in South Africa and got myself a job at a reputable law firm for my winter vacation. Thankfully, I have an awesome boss and friendly co-workers, and to think I ended up with this after using some initiative, getting over the possibility of rejection and finally stepping into the somewhat intimidating building. In any event, I stumbled onto this site while at work, I find it informative as well as interesting in getting a feel of what lawyers abroad are up to and their take and tips on certain things.Please keep this site going, God knows the moment I stumble onto something, it disappears the next day lol.

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