sugarsyncIn the never ending quest for a perfect online backup tool, I was pointed to SugarSync. I have tried it out the last few days and my overall opinion is that it’s a great service and easy to use. If you are willing to pay for a cloud backup service, SugarSync seems like a winner.

SugarSync’s biggest selling points are its easy-to-use nature, photo manager, and mobile ability. Once you sign up and establish a username, you are given a unique URL of Then you are greeted with SugarSync’s straightforward webpage with Home, File Manager, and Photo Gallery tabs. The Home tab gives you an overview of your latest activity, an RSS feed of SugarSync news, and an easy way to see each of the computers you have installed SugarSync on.

To fully utilize SugarSync you have to install the desktop client. It is available in Mac and Windows flavors, and you can sync between the operating systems.

Under the 2GB free account, you can only synchronize two computers, which is kind of a pain. However, the synchronizations is easy to do. Just select the folders you want to sync and you’re done. You can also drag folders from the program that are on another computer and create a synchronized folder on a new computer. Once you make edits to a file, those edits are uploaded to SugarSync, and even if the computer where the file was originally created is offline, the changes synchronize with the SugarSync server and get updated on your machine when it connects.

The synchronization is pretty standard and very easy to use. However, what sets SugarSync above the rest is its photo manager and mobile client. The two go together hand-in-hand. When you take a photo with your cell phone, you can set it to synchronize to your photo manager. That then automatically gets put in your synchronized picture folder on your computer.

The photo manager also lets you upload your photos to Facebook from right within SugarSync. Just click the Facebook button, select your photos and tag to your heart’s content. Finally, SugarSync offers mobile clients for iPhones, Blackberrys and Windows Mobile devices. The mobile client (for the Blackberry at least, no iPhone or Windows Mobile devices for me) is great. It has an easy-to-use GUI and allows you to edit your documents right from your mobile device.

SugarSync’s price is also reasonable. The price ranges from $4.99 a month for 30GB of space to $24.99 a month for the 250GB account. They also offer a 2GB free plan to give the service a try.


  1. dan nguyen says:

    I’ve been using SugarSync, and while not perfect, it has been a good solution for my needs.

  2. onlinebackup says:

    Sugarsync is top on sync but if your requirement is backup not real time sync, Mozy may better with $4.95/month for unlimited storage.

  3. Brian says:

    I’ve been using Syncplicity for almost a year and have been pleased. No killer feature, but it works well without a lot of fuss.

  4. Wm Paul Slough says:

    Also check out Dropbox and Mesh (Microsoft’s sync solution).

  5. I’ve been using Microsoft’s Windows Live Sync (formerly FolderShare) for years. It’s free. There is a limitaion on the number of folders you choose to sync, but I don’t believe there is a size limitation.

  6. Sealmik says:

    Please also check ZenOK online backup

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