The Keys to Successfully Practicing Law

Some kids were born litigators, according to their parents. Other people always knew they wanted to be a prosecutor. Somewhere, a teenager knows he wants to be the world’s most awesome tax attorney.

Many people want to be lawyers, and many of them will go to law school. But what is the key to successfully practicing law?

Do what you love

According to one article, happiness is the key to success. In terms of lawyers, does that mean every lawyer should practice in an area that they enjoy? I think so.

Have you ever met a public defender that does not care about justice? How about a litigator who does not love arguing in public? An estate planning attorney who likes helping people set up their affairs?

One common thread: they are all doing what they want to do. Many attorneys who complain about lawyering do not like their clients, or the area they practice in. Many are afraid to switch because they have experience, things are comfortable, and they do not want to learn a new area.

Change your situation

If you like what you do, but do not like your workplace, make a change. What about going solo? Is there another firm in town that practices in the same area? Who you work with (or for) can have a tremendous impact on your life. If the stress is not worth it, then change things up.

Stay passionate

Start a blog or research a law a review article to reignite your passion for a particular area of law. If you feel like you have lost touch, then how about doing some pro bono work? Helping someone in need always feels good, no exceptions.

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