personalpitchIn order get referrals, people need to know what type of law you practice—develop a 1-2 sentence pitch that makes it easy for people to remember what you do.

Your pitch needs to be short, sweet, and memorable—and it will take some work to develop. Telling people “I do criminal work” or “I am a civil litigator” is not that helpful. On the other hand, pitching yourself as “I do lots of DUIs” or “I help other small businesses sue other small businesses” is probably too narrow (unless, of course, those are the only kinds of cases you take).

One option is a hybrid pitch “I am a criminal defense attorney, and I handle all types of cases, but DUIs are my speciality.” Your audience knows what type of cases you can take, and what type of cases you prefer. Telling your audience what you do, and giving an example will also make it easy for them remember.

During the holidays you will be bombarded with inquiries. Develop your pitch, use it, and watch 2010 start off with a bang.

(photo: Shot by Cam)

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