If you like reading Lawyerist, why not subscribe? You can have Lawyerist content delivered to you in one of two ways:


RSS, or Really Simple Syndication, is an easy way to have content from blogs and websites delivered to you. All you need is an RSS reader, and then look out for the big, orange button. Click on it, and you can add any syndication feed to the reader of your choice.

If you have a Google account, I prefer Google Reader. If you already use Outlook or Thunderbird for email, you can subscribe to RSS feeds using those, or many other programs.


Or, if the thought of learning yet another bit of technology makes you queasy, you can subscribe by email. You can decide to have posts delivered to your inbox as we write them, or have posts delivered in a digest form. Take your pick.

Either way, subscribing to this and other blogs and websites means you won’t have to browse to all those sites; you can read everything you want in one place.

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