How to Structure Your Online Video

You’ve got useful content but don’t know how to put together a nice concise package that your online viewer wants to watch. You have good ideas but you just don’t know what format to use to create a nice video. What do you do?

Most attorneys would typically try and copy someone else. This is the inherent “me too, copycat formula” that fails too often. The reason it fails is that the attorney who is trying to copy someone else’s format doesn’t understand the reasoning behind why things are being done, nor are they privy to things that go on behind the scenes.

Every lawyer starting to market their law firm has taken this approach. It’s the wrong approach.

Here’s how you should structure your online video. Remember, your online viewer doesn’t know who you are. Do not assume that they have watched 10 other videos you created. Instead, you must introduce yourself with every video.

Are you asking a question in your video and then giving an answer? Are you explaining something to your viewer that they need to know? After your introduction you have to think of a a reason to transition into your video topic.

When you are done explaining your topic, you should then thank your viewer for watching. You would think I would not have to mention something as simple as this, but you would be surprised how many lawyers ignore this point to their detriment.

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