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How do you know if Lawyerist Lab is a good fit for you?

You Are Ready to Innovate

You recognize that the practice of law is changing, fast.

You know your clients and potential clients have more options, including non-lawyer options. They also have more information—about the law, the process, and the cost. Disruption in other sectors (online shopping, video streaming, and ride sharing to name just a few) means clients’ expectations about working with lawyers are changing, too.

Most lawyers are content to bury their head in the sand and continue with business as usual. They persist with hourly billing and outdated law firm business models. They may dabble in some new ideas, but they aren’t committed to fundamentally changing the way they serve their clients.

If you’re not committed to reimagining your law practice, Lab is not your place. But if you see opportunity on the horizon, as we do, it is probably the perfect place for you. If you want to design a client-centered law firm, build a business with systems and processes that leverage technology, and deliver higher quality legal services faster and for less money, you’re probably in the right place. If you’re ready to explore alternative marketing and you want to use data to manage your firm, not your intuition, you are probably in the right place. And if you want to be an innovator and entrepreneur and create new demand in untapped markets and dominate them, you are probably in the right place.

In short, if you’re interested in designing a law firm for the future, you are probably in the right place. When you join Lawyerist Lab, we will help you and hold you accountable as you contemplate your highest priorities, set ambitious goals, and achieve them.

You Are Ready to Focus on Your Entire Business

If you just want to focus on marketing or growing your book of business, there are plenty of great options out there. In Lab, you will cover much more.

Lab is for entrepreneurs who recognize that running a law firm is running a business and want to hone their entrepreneurial skills. We focus on every aspect of your business. In Lab, you’ll devour expert, concrete, digestible content in the areas identified in the Small Firm Scorecard™. (If you haven’t taken the Scorecard yet, you should absolutely do it now.)

If the topics covered by the Scorecard seem like areas you’d like to improve, you’re in the right place!

Here is a quick peek at some of the topics you’ll cover in Lab’s year-long curriculum:

Lab Curriculum

Goals & Strategy

  • Set goals for your life and career.

  • Create a strategic plan for your law firm.

  • Set long- and short-term business goals for your law firm.

  • Start using key performance indicators (KPIs).

Client Acquisition

  • Conduct a competitive analysis.

  • Learn your buyer's journey and create a strategic marketing plan that attracts more potential clients.

  • Align your online and offline marketing activities so they communicate your value proposition in a way that resonates with potential clients.

Client-Centered Services

  • Create a seamless intake, onboarding, and delivery experience for clients that reflects the kind of client experience you want them to have.

  • Learn to design legal services and fee structures around the client’s goals and needs.

  • Capture client feedback and use it to improve your overall client satisfaction KPIs.

Systems & Procedures

  • Use project management to increase your firm's productivity and efficiency.

  • Build systems and procedures for your law firm operation and client service workflows.

  • Improve your personal productivity and time management.


  • Learn to use modern tools to fulfill operational needs, streamline systems, and improve your overall client service.

  • Create data security protocols and policies appropriate to your law firm's needs.


  • Create a documented financial strategy and profitability model.

  • Establish an operating budget, understand financial reports, and use them to manage your firm strategically.

  • Create a written financial controls policy.

People & Staffing

  • Build an accountability chart that clearly defines everyone’s roles and responsibilities in your firm.

  • Use hiring and interview techniques for greater success in hiring.

  • Create onboarding and training systems that nurture dedicated and happy team members.

  • Roll out effective management and communication systems.

  • Create a workplace and culture that reflects and rewards the firm’s values and vision.

You are Ready to Work

Lawyerist Lab is about getting results. Results require work.

Let’s face it, there is a ton of free content out there. You can read business books, blogs, and white papers. You can attend CLEs across the land. And you can listen to countless dozens of podcasts if you just want to hear new ideas or hear about what others are doing in their businesses. Lab is for getting work done—week in and week out—to implement sustainable, transformative changes that will help you innovate and change your business for the good.

We know that’s intimidating. We know exactly what it is like to manage a growing law practice while simultaneously practicing law (our program was designed by former leaders of small, successful law firms). But you have to make time to tend to your business if you want to grow it.

To join Lab, you will commit to spending 20 minutes each day (or 1–2 hours each week) to implement the ideas you learn in Lab into your practice. We’ve built in some buffer time to help you when your next trial or big deal hits. Still, real success demands a real commitment to do the work.

You Could Use a Trainer

Some people go to the gym each day and push themselves to their limit without prompting. Others need an accountability partner or personal trainer.

In Lab, you are not alone. Like your personal business trainer, our team keeps you on task and helps you through the process. We answer questions and provide support. Plus, you’ll meet experts in many different fields and hear the latest actionable best practices to help you innovate.

You Benefit from Community

Most importantly, you will be part of our Lawyerist community. This community is pretty damn special because of the amazing people populating it.

Our community is filled with givers. They give their time, knowledge, and support to everyone in the community because they care about one another and about making the profession better.

To be part of our community, you are expected to participate and add value. Each Lab member is carefully paired with a small group that meets monthly for a mastermind session. For the group to work, you have to show up. You have to bring your best. Everyone has something special to offer. In exchange, you’ll get the best our community has to offer (and that’s a lot). The Lab community will support you and celebrate your successes all along the way.

Lawyerist Lab is Different

Lawyerist Lab includes:

  • Content and implementation tools. You’ll have lifetime access to the Lawyerist Lab online course, which is constantly growing and improving. It is an appreciating asset! You’ll have perpetual access to bite-sized videos, templates, and worksheets designed to help you quickly digest content and implement ideas into your practice.
  • Accountability/support. Lab team members and other community members hold you accountable, provide feedback, and answer questions in a vibrant online discussion group.
  • Monthly mastermind calls. Each Lab participant is grouped into a carefully-curated small group and meets monthly for facilitated mastermind calls.
  • Expert workshops. Hear from and interact with leading experts in law practice management topics through online workshops.
  • Lawyerist LabCon. Each participant is invited to our amazing in-person event modeled on the ever-popular TBD Law (conference price to be paid separately).
  • Affinity partnership program. As a Lab member, you’ll enjoy all our Insider Plus community member benefits, including our valuable affinity partnership program, discounts with hand-picked program partners, and our collection of premium law practice survival guides, tools, and templates.

Lawyerist Lab is a one-year investment. Participation costs $4,999 (monthly payment plans are available) and is by invitation only.

New classes begin each February, May, August, and November. To be considered for the next class, please complete the application form below. We will contact eligible participants for a telephone interview.

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