How to Manage a Small Firm

How to Manage a Small Law Firm

How to Manage a Small Law Firm helps train attorneys on how to be entrepreneurs, how to run their law firm as a business, and teaches them approaches and skills needed to help run an efficient and profitable practice. While they offer some material and systems to help with client intake and work-life balance, the focus of this program is clear: increasing revenue.

How to Manage a Small Law Firm Highlights

Free consultation. During your free consultation with How to Manage a Small Firm, they will figure out the revenue you need to live the life you want. After figuring that out, they encourage your planning to reach that goal. Then comes the hard part: committing and working toward your new goal.

Statement of values, philosophies, and standards. How to Manage a Small Practice has a 39-page manifesto detailing their values and philosophy for helping lawyers. It’s a hefty piece of marketing material, but if you’re debating between this and another program, it’s worth reading to see if its values align with yours.

Mobile app. How to Manage a Small Firm has a mobile app that is filled with hundreds of hours of free content focusing on law practice management. It’s available for both iPhones and Android.

How to Manage a Small Law Firm Price

How to Manage a Small Law Firm does not have pricing information publicly available. To learn more about its program and prices, you will need to reach out for more information.

Things You Might Want to Know

Like a business. Membership with How to Manage a Small Firm brings together like-minded entrepreneurial individuals who believe that law firms should be run like businesses.

HLMMM. Even though Manage a Small Law Firm believes law firms should be run like businesses, they follow the belief that “Happy Lawyers Make More Money” and don’t follow the so-called “Doctrine of Sacrifice” that many law firms, law schools, and other attorneys promote.

Teaching from experience. How to Manage a Small Law Firm was founded by Rjon Robins, a lawyer who learned through practice how to run a law firm. He takes the lessons he learned—then taught—through the Florida Bar’s Law Office Management Assistance Service to help attorneys better manage, market, and staff their law firms.

Who How to Manage a Small Law Firm Is For

How to Manage a Small Law Firm is for entrepreneurial-minded attorneys who want to take a measured approach in creating a profitable practice for now and the future. If you are looking to automate your practice or are trying to focus on building better work-life balance, other programs may be better for you.

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  1. Avatar Tonilynn Savage says:

    Could use improvement

    How to Manage is not for everyone. If you are having success on your own and express to them that their principles do not work for your firm… you will politely be informed that you are some how wholly flawed and your own terror is preventing success. The contract is extremely unilateral and is for 18 months. The recruiting tactics are high pressure. You are essentially told if you don’t care enough to make the investment with them then you do not care about making money or being a firm owner. If I could leave 0 stars I certainly would.

    I tried to resolve all grievances with them without any success.

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