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ABA TECHSHOW® is the legal tech event of the year for small-firm lawyers and staff. If you have any interest in legal tech or online marketing, you should plan to attend ABA TECHSHOW at least once—and we’re pretty sure you’ll be back.

Event Details


February 26–29, 2020



Event Website


$400 day passes to $1,000+ (Check website for details.)

What to Expect at ABA TECHSHOW

For a legal conference ABA TECHSHOW is huge. Something like 1,500 people, hundreds of legal tech exhibitors, and dozens of presenters attend every year. And there is a lot of stuff to do.

In fact, you could say there are at least four ways to experience ABA TECHSHOW:

  1. Come to learn. Most people come for the sessions, to learn about legal technology and online marketing and how to get the most out of their tools.
  2. Come to network. Most of the sessions are panels, and there are a lot of sessions, which means there are a ton of speakers. It’s a great place to meet the legal tech writers, podcasters, CEOs, and other people you know from the internet.
  3. Come to shop. Hundreds of vendors pack the EXPO Hall, making it a great opportunity to connect with the people who make the technology you use in your law practice, to shop for something new, or just see what’s out there. It’s expected that the virtual event will have a similar vendor hall and the opportunity to interact.

A couple of years ago ABA TECHSHOW produced a short video introduction. It mostly addressed #1, above, so it is a good summary of what you can learn.

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