Stop Using a Circular 230 Disclaimer in Your Email

While the email disclaimers lawyers use are pointless anyway, the IRS would like you to go ahead and stop using the especially pointless Circular 230 disclaimer:

[T]he Circular 230 disclaimer that now appears at the bottom of many emails and on memos can and should be eliminated.


If you want to know more, read Kelly Erb’s post, “A Reminder To Ditch The Disclaimer This Tax Season,” on Forbes.

(h/t Kevin Grierson on SoloSez)

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  1. Avatar Dan Sherman says:

    June 17, 2014
    IRS OPR Director Karen Hawkins:

    > My only concern and my message is, if a disclaimer says ‘The Internal Revenue Service says’ or ‘I am required under Circular 230,’ **I can promise you that you will get a letter from my office asking you to cease and desist using that kind of language because I don’t want taxpayers to be misinformed.** We do not require that language after last week.”

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