I am happy to become a contributing writer to Lawyerist and join up with an innovative group of thinkers on the forefront of law practice management.  I will be writing about virtual law practice, including ethics and technology issues, the startup and maintenance of a virtual law office, virtual assistants or virtual paralegals, un-bundling legal services online and other topics involved in the delivery of legal services using technology.

My experience in virtual law practice comes from operating my own web-based virtual law office for the past four years.  I am licensed to practice law in North Carolina and provide estate planning and small business legal services through Kimbro Legal Services, LLC, my virtual law office.  I have two young children and enjoy the flexibility that this form of law practice provides for my career and my family.  I work from a home office or remotely from my netbook depending on what the day holds.

Aside from my own busy law practice, I also enjoy the roles of entrepreneur and teacher.  As the co-founder of Virtual Law Office Technology (VLOTech), I work with other attorneys to set up virtual law offices nationwide.  VLOTech was acquired by Total Attorneys, a Chicago-based legal services company, in the fall of 2009.  Through this opportunity, I work as a consultant and technology evangelist on virtual law practice.  I also enjoy serving on the faculty at Solo Practice University where I teach a course on virtual law practice to law students and other attorneys interested in taking all or a part of their practice online.

There are a variety of ways to structure a virtual law practice, whether it is completely web-based or integrated into a traditional law firm.  Working with other attorneys on the ethics and technology considerations involved in this process has provided me with a broad base of experience on this topic which I look forward to sharing with Lawyerist readers. You can find me on Twitter: @StephKimbro or on my blog, Virtual Law Practice.

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