Zola Suite’s Matter-Centric Email Speeds Up Your Workflow

Zola Suite is cloud-based legal practice management software that features contact management, matter management, accounting and billing, built-in email, native mobile apps, and more.


Lawyers deal with an inordinate amount of email related to their cases. Because of that, it is imperative to have a practice management solution that allows you to integrate your email into your workflow easily. Zola Suite’s built-in email feature does just that.

Zola’s streamlined email setup connects your email directly to Zola. It works with nearly every email provider, including Microsoft Exchange. The setup is via IMAP, which means that although you are managing your email within Zola, all your email also remains on the server in your regular email account. Your emails also stay synced across all of your devices.

When email is integrated into your practice management software, you are able to speed up your everyday tasks. You don’t need to leave your matter to email a client or a colleague. If you receive an email with an event invite, you can accept it within Zola, and it will be automatically calendared for you. You can convert emails to tasks and assign them to a colleague and receive notification once the task is completed (or not).

Integrated email also means that you can add contacts into Zola directly from your email. Additionally, you can assign emails to matters, and all of those emails will be automatically stored within that matter. When you compose a new email and designate the related matter, all of the relevant contacts and documents associated with that matter are readily accessible. In addition, a timer starts running immediately, which means your timekeeping process is streamlined as well. Finally, you can select invoices and either email them to a client or send via Caseway, Zola’s encrypted client portal, all without leaving Zola.

How to Get It

Zola Suite is $49/month billed annually or $59/month billed monthly for solo accounts. For multi-lawyer firms with support staff, Zola is $68/month billed annually or $88/month billed monthly for each attorney and $34/month billed annually or $44/month billed monthly for each support staff. All accounts include full access to all Zola features and free onboarding and training.

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