1. Avatar Narissa J. says:

    Robust Features

    What I love above CosmoLex is the many case management options as well as the accounting capability. In addition, anytime I need to speak to a real person they are always available.

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  2. Avatar J. Ansley S. says:

    4.7 Rating - Great to have accounting and case mgmt combined

    I’ve been using Cosmolex for over a year after experience with Clio and find that it pushes itself just over Clio. I also find it just slightly faster than Clio as well in toggling between tabs, matters, etc. Also, it is much easier to send reminders all at once for unpaid bills in Cosmolex than in Clio.

    The main reason I like Cosmolex over Clio is that it handles my accounting too. I can link expenses to a matter to be reimbursed by the client. That way, the money I receive from the client is properly separated into reimbursements v. income. It integrates with Law Pay so that once I send the invoice, I don’t need to check back to see if the client has paid – it will automatically update as such once the client does so. I like having the accounting and case mgmt all together in one platform so I don’t have to purchase a separate software system for accounting.

    The one downside is that if you want a bookkeeper- you need one who knows how to use Cosmolex. I haven’t started a bookkeeper yet because I want to understand exactly how everything works and comes together for this year’s books before turning it over to someone else. They do, however, have a list of accredited bookkeepers who have completed the necessary training, and I’m sure I’ll engage one of them in the coming year.

    For both Clio and Cosmolex, I can always talk to a technician/helper anytime I want. This is big for me because I am really forgetful of how to do software tasks right. Clio also has the chat feature with someone always available and I can always call someone with Cosmolex, so they tie on this measure.

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