Thomson Reuters On What It Takes to Be a “New Normal” Law Firm


The legal landscape is changing, and it isn’t going back. This is the “new normal,” where lawyers face higher client expectations, increasing competition, and a shifting economy. There are a great many things modern law firms need to consider when operating a business today. Increasing numbers of consumers looking online for an attorney, technology that’s evolving faster than anyone can keep up with, DIY-ers who are bypassing legal representation altogether—your law firm needs to be addressing all of these issues.

Thomson Reuters has assembled a series of resources to help your firm grow, practice and manage. Learn how to connect with potential clients, complete online legal research without frustration, and systematize administrative tasks so you can spend more time practicing law. To remain relevant, your firm needs to identify and streamline all areas of business or risk falling further behind.

How to Get It

To learn how your firm stacks up against the competition, take the New Normal Quiz. It helps measure what you’re doing well and opportunities you may be overlooking. Get to know which parts of your business may need some extra attention this year and how you can start to separate yourself from the rest of the pack.

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