TimeSolv Offers Seamless Migration from Other Timekeeping Software

TimeSolv is cloud-based time tracking and billing software designed specifically for lawyers. It allows you to track your time, invoice clients on the fly, manage your projects, and track your expenses. It integrates with both QuickBooks desktop and QuickBooks online, and is accessible on any computer or mobile device. And now, TimeSolv makes it easier than ever to switch from other timekeeping programs like Timeslips and ProLaw


Legacy software such as Timeslips still runs on traditional client-server platforms, but many lawyers have moved their practice management and data storage to the cloud for increased security, easier data management and access, and lower costs. As a cloud-based legal billing solution, TimeSolv allows lawyers to access their time and billing data anywhere, from any device at any time.

However, switching from one timekeeping program to another can be daunting, particularly if your firm has used the same software for years. There is so much historical data that needs to be preserved, moved, and effectively organized in the new timekeeping system. Often, the only solution was to take a snapshot of the historical data in your old software and manually load it into your new timekeeping program. That meant losing access to things like time entries and invoices.

TimeSolv solves the difficulties of switching timekeeping software by allowing you to migrate all historical data from both Timeslips and ProLaw seamlessly. TimeSolv will help your firm develop a plan for the migration and will perform the data conversion for you.

How to Get It

TimeSolv has a free 30-day trial that doesn’t require a credit card to sign up. During that time, you can get free one-on-one training. TimeSolv’s pricing is based on how many timekeepers you have using the system and starts at $34.95/user/month for one timekeeper ($31.46/user/month billed annually). The cost per user decreases with each user you add to TimeSolv.

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