Stay Connected with Ruby’s Mobile App

Break free from your desk with Ruby® Receptionists’ mobile app! Our feature-rich app works in tandem with our live remote receptionists to ensure your callers always receive the best experience. Ruby’s mobile app keeps you informed and in control, giving you the freedom to work the way you want. Our app is the perfect tool to stay connected and manage your calls from anywhere! Here are some app features we think you’ll love:

Status: Take Your Office on the Road

Wherever the day takes you, our status feature lets you tailor your call-handling instructions to your changing needs. With a few screen taps, our talented receptionists can route calls to a different number, relay information to callers, or give you time to focus on your tasks by taking messages or offering voicemail. Easily create new temporary statuses, save your favorites as shortcuts, and schedule status updates for the future from the app, so Ruby and your callers never miss a beat.

Activity: Sophisticated Call Management

Manage your calls like you would your emails with our call activity options:

  • Star important calls.
  • Multiple filter options for easier search.
  • Mark calls as read and archive for a clean inbox.
  • Set reminders to return calls, or call clients back directly from the app.

Choose Your Caller ID: Two Lines, One Phone

With Ruby’s Choose Your Caller ID feature, there’s no need for extra hardware—one phone does twice the work, without costing you privacy:

  • Display your personal or business caller ID on outgoing calls.
  • By choosing your caller ID, you decide when to keep your personal cell number to yourself. You’re in control!
  • Ruby can provide you with a local number or host your current number so you can leave your landline and all the bills associated with it behind.

Call Forwarding: Route Calls Wherever, Whenever

Our Call Forwarding feature lets you fine-tune your caller experience:

  • Forward calls to Ruby, or any other number—keeping you in control of how much or how little you use our live service.
  • Set calls to ring to a number of your choice, then roll over to Ruby, so you always have the option of answering first.
  • With Ruby’s mobile app, you can more efficiently manage your calls while continuing to preserve and perpetuate real, meaningful connections with your callers.

Since 2003, solo and small-firm lawyers across North America have relied on Ruby’s charming receptionists to answer calls live with their custom greeting, handle calls in English or Spanish, transfer calls live wherever they are, take messages, collect new client intake, make follow-up calls, and much more—just like an in-house receptionist, at a fraction of the cost. Ruby turns rings into relationships!

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