Smokeball Auto:Time Tracks Time Automatically

Smokeball is law practice management software that has a tight integration with Microsoft Office. Now, with their Auto:Time feature, formerly their TimeScribe feature, Smokeball tracks time so you don’t have to, and you can get back to the business of making money by doing the law.


Auto:Time tracks your time and activities seamlessly and automatically. When you add a new event in Smokeball, when you open a document, when you send an email— Auto:Time knows when you switch to a new matter and will assign the time accordingly. Each night, Auto:Time runs a detailed time report with the time you spent and your matter activity throughout the day and emails it to you. When you’re ready to bill, you will already have all your invoice information at your disposal without any more effort on your part.

Auto:Time isn’t just for time tracking, however. It can also help you assess the profitability of each matter type. You can set staff costs—not simply their hourly rate, but how much each staff member costs the firm in terms of salary, benefits, overhead and more. Smokeball will turn that into an hourly rate and then, thanks to Auto:Time, allow you to assess if you are spending too much staff time on a matter.

This profitability calculation is helpful for both hourly and flat fee attorneys. Lawyers who bill hourly can track more time instead of having to go back and try to calculate everything at the end of the day, week, or month. Fixed fee lawyers can keep track of the time they’re putting in on routine matters and decide if they should consider changing fee arrangements.

Soon, Smokeball will introduce Firm Insights. As a firm owner, you’ll be able to run reports to see how many matters have been created and break those down as far as a by-day calculation. This allows firms to assess when their high points and low points are throughout the year and adjust marketing accordingly.

How to Get It

Contact Smokeball for a free demo and to learn more about Auto:Time.

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