LawPay Scheduled Payments Ensures Steady Cash Flow

LawPay is an online payment solution designed especially for lawyers. They’ve built a complete end-to-end proprietary payment system to manage the unique needs of law firms, including remaining fully compliant with trust accounting rules.

Because it is designed specifically for law firms, LawPay is able to correctly separate earned and unearned fees to ensure you don’t co-mingle funds when you take credit card payments. LawPay also protects client funds by restricting third parties from debiting a trust or IOLTA account.


Lawyers spend a lot of time chasing down payments from clients. Establishing a scheduled payment plan is one way to provide flexibility for your clients and ensure a steady cash flow for your firm. However, setting up such a plan is only efficient if you can automatically run payments without collecting credit card information all over again.

With its Scheduled Payments feature, LawPay processes charges automatically, which means your invoices are automatically paid, which means more predictable cash flow for your firm. LawPay also manages those payments through their proprietary card vault, so your firm doesn’t bear the risk of storing payment information.

It takes only seconds to set up a scheduled payment, whether that be a one-time charge or a series of recurring payments. You can also view all your upcoming payments at a glance, which gives you insight into your projected cash flow.

How to Get It

LawPay offers three plans—fixed, standard, and trust—to fit every attorney’s needs. Each plan also includes the option to add Scheduled Payments, so you can receive increased and predictable payments no matter which plan you choose. Learn more about LawPay with Scheduled Payments today.

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