Abacus Private Cloud Offers Uptime, Security & Scalability

Abacus Private Cloud allows you to store your confidential—and critical—client data in a private virtual workspace that is available to you any time, any place, and from any type of device. Even better—all your applications are stored in the cloud as well, so they’re always accessible to you even if you’re on a device with a different operating system.


Modern law firms, large or small, need their data to be constantly accessible and always secure. That’s where the Private Cloud solution from Abacus comes in. It allows you to access a private virtual desktop no matter where you are. This means you will always have important files and necessary applications right at your fingertips.

Regrettably, smaller law firms often simply don’t have the resources to effectively monitor their systems for cyber-intrusions. When you use Abacus Private Cloud, your data and applications aren’t just available—they’re also secure. Your data is encrypted in transit—as it passes between your virtual workspace and your private cloud—and at rest. But Abacus Private Cloud doesn’t stop with encryption. Your data is also physically protected in US-based data centers that are physically and electronically monitored 24/7. And if your firm handles health-related data, you can take advantage of the fact that the Private Cloud is fully HIPAA-compliant. The Abacus Private Cloud also features 99.999% uptime.

Small firms also can have trouble scaling their technology. If you hire three new people, you typically need to purchase three new fully-outfitted computers and make sure that all applications and data are available to those new employees as soon as possible—which costs both time and money. With the Abacus Private Cloud, all your new employees need is a device with which to access the cloud, and all your applications and data are instantly available.

How to Get It

To learn how the private cloud and other features within AbacusLaw and Amicus Attorney can help your firm, please visit AbacusNext today.

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