Ruby Receptionists: Build Trust with Clients through Personal Connections

Ruby Receptionists are receptionists for the 21st century. Their virtual receptionists take care of your calls so that you can take care of your law practice.


When someone calls your office, first impressions are critical. A potential client does not want to speak to a harried receptionist that has no specific knowledge of your practice or, worse still, get your voicemail. A caller wants to be met with a personable, professional, and cheerful individual who understands that their concerns are important. They also want to talk to someone that sounds like they are right there in your office. When those things happen, the caller feels connected to you and your firm. That personal connection builds trust from the very start.

Ruby provides a number of services that help your front-line interactions feel highly personalized and professional. Ruby will answer your calls with your custom greeting and let you know who is on the line before transferring the call. Ruby also understands that different calls go to different people and can route accordingly. Their receptionists also are well-equipped to answer questions about your business such as what type of cases you handle and where your business is located. Ruby will also return calls on your behalf, saving you time and ensuring a potential client is not left feeling that your firm is unresponsive. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, Ruby’s intelligent live receptionists are able to distinguish between first-time callers, existing clients, and critical matters, ensuring that each call is treated with the level of urgency it deserves. Thanks to this level of detail, both new and repeat callers will feel connected to and appreciated by your firm.

How to Get It

Ruby has subscription plans ranging from $259/month for 100 receptionist minutes and one Ruby voicemail box to $899/month for 500 receptionist minutes and three Ruby voicemail boxes. With a Ruby voicemail box, Ruby will email you your voicemail messages in a .wav file. All plans allow you to integrate with Lexicata and Clio. All plans also include 16 hours of daily receptionist coverage five days a week (with optional weekend service) and bilingual services for Spanish-speaking callers. Ruby has a 21-day money back guarantee. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel with 30 days notice.

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