Ruby Receptionists’ Apple Watch App Connect You Anywhere

Ruby Receptionists‘ friendly virtual receptionists can handle all your calls and help you run your business when you are away from the office. With the Ruby Apple Watch app, you can access many of the features of Ruby’s iOS app right from your wrist.


Ruby’s iOS app allows you to manage your calls and messages when you are away from both your office and your computer, which is critical to keeping you connected to your clients. Their app lets you access your forwarded numbers, view your messages, and save contact information right from the app to your iPhone’s contact list.

The app also lets you access your Ruby invoices and contact Ruby with just one click or call and change your call-handling instructions on the fly. With all of those features, it truly is possible to run your business on the go.

Now, with the introduction of the Ruby Apple Watch app, you don’t even need to take out your phone to view your last three calls or to return a call directly from a message or voicemail. You can also quickly update your all handling instructions with just one tap of the wrist. The Apple Watch app is just another way that Ruby makes your life more convenient.

How to Get It

Ruby has subscription plans ranging from $259/month for 100 receptionist minutes to $899/month for 500 receptionist minutes. All plans include Ruby’s iOS app and the Apple Watch app.

All plans also include 16 hours of daily receptionist coverage five days a week, 12 hours of receptionist coverages on weekdays, and bilingual services for Spanish-speaking callers. Ruby has a 21-day money back guarantee. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel with 30 days notice.

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