Ruby Receptionists’ Status Tool Lets You Change Availability

Ruby Receptionists are friendly virtual receptionists that handle your calls and help you run your business. They know that your availability can change from minute to minute, so they offer a status tool to let you change your call-handling instructions on the fly.


You can’t always be in your office. You often need to go to court, visit clients, or even step out for lunch. Sometimes, you may just want to work from home. To ensure you have that flexibility, Ruby Receptionists can send calls to any number you’d like. Ruby’s status tool allows for even more flexibility because you can create temporary call-handling instructions when your day unexpectedly changes.

If you have events that reoccur, the status tool can handle that too. You can create status shortcuts for anything that recurs and set updates ahead of time. That way, if your day gets away from you, Ruby is still up-to-date on your whereabouts. Even better, Ruby’s mobile app will sync with your smartphone’s calendar so you can quickly schedule status changes based on your day.

Your status update doesn’t need to be limited to saying you’re out of the office. You can give Ruby a note about your whereabouts so they can relay it to callers and take a message. You can ask Ruby to hold your calls so you can get some focused work done. You can even ask Ruby to hold all calls except certain ones you designate. If you’re planning on being gone for a longer time, such as vacation, you can give Ruby instructions to inform callers as to when you will be back.

How to Get It

Ruby has subscription plans ranging from $259/month for 100 receptionist minutes to $899/month for 500 receptionist minutes. All plans include Ruby’s status tool.

All plans also include 16 hours of daily receptionist coverage five days a week, 12 hours of receptionist coverages on weekdays, and bilingual services for Spanish-speaking callers. Ruby has a 21-day money back guarantee. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel with 30 days notice.

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