Ruby Receptionists’ Mobile Call Forwarding Gives You Flexibility

Ruby Receptionists provides full-featured virtual receptionist services. Because your call forwarding needs can change throughout the day, Ruby lets you change your call forwarding instructions on the fly from their mobile app.


Over the course of a day, you likely have many different call-handling needs. When you’re in your office, you may want to answer your own phone. But what if you’ve stepped away or are tied up on another call?

Ruby’s Call Forwarding feature on their mobile app lets you customize your virtual receptionist experience from anywhere at any time. If you leave the office but forget to forward your calls before you go, you can open Ruby’s mobile app and, with just one touch, forward your calls to your cell phone or another number so you don’t miss an important call.

Sometimes, you’re in your office, but you end up on a lengthy client call. However, you don’t want other callers to go to your voicemail. Just open the mobile app and set calls to ring to a number of your choice, but roll over to Ruby after a predetermined number of rings. That way, you always have the opportunity of answering the call first when you’re free.

This flexibility also saves you money. You will only be charged for the receptionist minutes you actually use. If you’re able to pick up your own calls, you won’t incur any charges.

Ruby doesn’t just forward your calls. In fact, they can help you run your entire business from a cell phone. They can host your existing number, let you make calls through their mobile app, and access your call and usage data from anywhere.

How to Get It

Ruby has subscription plans ranging from $269/month for 100 receptionist minutes and up to 10 users to $1,069/month for 500 receptionist minutes and unlimited users. All plans include Ruby’s Call Forwarding feature along with a mobile app for either iOS or Android as well as unlimited talk time and voicemail boxes.

All plans also include 16 hours of daily receptionist coverage five days a week MondayFriday, 12 hours of receptionist coverages on weekends, and bilingual services for Spanish-speaking callers. Ruby has a 21-day money back guarantee. There are no long-term contracts, and you can cancel with 30 days’ notice.

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