Ruby Streamlines with Choose Your Caller ID

Our Choose Your Caller ID feature makes your smartphone even smarter, empowering you to run your practice from anywhere, on your terms.


Doing business on-the-go from a cell phone is commonplace for many solo and small firm attorneys. But sharing your personal cell number with clients isn’t ideal, and keeping track of two phones can be expensive and annoying. With Ruby’s Choose Your Caller ID feature, there’s no need for extra hardware—one phone does twice the work, without costing you privacy. By choosing your caller ID, you decide when to keep your personal cell number to yourself. You’re in control!


The ability to dial out from your business line eliminates the need for an office phone. Ruby can provide you with a local number or host your current number so you can leave your landline and all the bills associated with it behind. And choosing caller ID is just the tip of the iceberg for our mobile app’s functionality: change call-handling instructions on the fly, access sophisticated data and real-time notifications, turn Ruby answering on and off with the tap of a screen, and much more. Our friendly, professional receptionists and feature-rich mobile app give you the freedom and flexibility to manage your practice on the go—and your clients will never know the difference.


Ruby answers 100% of business-hour calls live with optional night and weekend coverage, and we’re the only virtual receptionist service dedicated to creating real, meaningful connections with callers—building trust with each interaction and helping you win business. With expertly trained receptionists fielding your calls and a Customer Happiness team devoted to the unique needs of your practice, we’re committed to an excellent experience for you and your callers at every touchpoint. And since Ruby-hosted numbers run over the cellular network, you’ll get high-quality sound and a reliable connection that surpasses Internet-based voice over IP services.

Since 2003, solo and small-firm lawyers across North America have relied on Ruby’s charming receptionists to answer calls live in English and Spanish, transfer calls, take messages, collect new client intake, make follow-up calls, and much more—just like an in-house receptionist, at a fraction of the cost. Ruby turns rings into relationships!


“As a small business owner, having a live person answer my calls has been the best thing for my business. Ruby provides excellent service, the app works really well, and their communication with my callers is spot on. They are truly dedicated to my clients having the best experience possible. It’s a no-brainer to have them answer all your calls.”

-John W. Chang, Patinelli & Chang, LLP,
Estate Planning, Trust and Probate Law

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