Redesigned Clio Adds Features and Is More User-Focused

After nine years, two mobile apps, and one web application redesign, law practice management software Clio has reinvented their platform. The new Clio experience has over 200 improvements across 11 portions of the program, informed by spending over 600 hours and 60 days with Clio users. The result is user-centric legal technology.


Here are some of the key updates to this latest iteration of Clio:

Global Navigation. Navigate easier and faster, and access your most used daily tasks with a single click. The Global Create button currently available on the iOS app also comes to the desktop for cross-functional fluidity.

Billing. Users will now see better bulk billing, smoother and faster bill preview navigation speeds, an improved layout of payment history on bills, and the ability to quickly search by invoice and modify bill themes from bill generation.

Payments. Increased speed and accuracy with the ability to approve and apply trust, pay bills in bulk, record payments right from the Global Create button, and credit notes in bulk. Fewer clicks, speedier return of payment. Also being introduced is the ability to run client balances, enter a reference number to payments and a “funds breakdown,” reducing the need to run reports.

Accounting. Users will now experience faster syncing with the world’s leading accounting platform, QuickBooks Online. They’ll now also have the ability to sync amounts in trust made especially for lawyers. Improvements have also been made to the UX when transferring funds and adding transactions.

Timer. Increased ease and accountability with an always-accessible timekeeper and one-click access to tracked time. With enhancements like showing the total number of hours recorded in a day, users can better track and meet their billable hour goals.

Activities. Redesigned data filters and customizations make it more efficient and precise to record and understand activities. This includes quick filters for time vs. expenses with easy access to navigate to months or years in the past. Increase productivity with the new ability to search activities and expenses by keyword.

Communications. New features like the ability to record time from the phone log and create phone, email logs, and Secure Messages from the global navigation enhanced speed and ease of execution. Easily switch the TO and FROM fields with one click, and filter phone and email logs by keywords.

Search. New features like searchable Custom Fields, Calendar entries, communication logs, and activities will have users experiencing increased usability, accuracy and speed. Users will also experience reduced latency in Global and Quick search results are now faster than ever. Global Search results now show a pop-up preview that highlights the location of the keyword match. Global and Quick search results are now 20x faster while being both more comprehensive and relevant.

How to Get It

In the coming weeks, existing and new Clio customers will have access to the new Clio experience. Learn more about Clio at

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