PageFreezer Brings You Admissible Website & Social Media Evidence

PageFreezer offers software as a service (SAAS) website and social media archiving to organizations across industries. PageFreezer has just introduced PageFreezer Legal, a web-based on-demand software that allows you to collect evidence from social media accounts and websites with just one click.


It is getting more and more important for attorneys to be able to collect social media and website evidence in a format that can be used in litigation. Many types of cases—employment, personal injury, online harassment—can turn on social media posts.

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Attorneys are faced with a problem: how can they prove something appeared on a website or social media account on a certain day or time when the content of those pages changes constantly?

Enter PageFreezer Legal. PageFreezer Legal makes it very simple to collect website and social media evidence in a format that is admissible in court proceedings.

Typically, the collection of website evidence is tedious, involving manual scrolling and taking screenshots of webpages and social media accounts. However, screenshots don’t necessarily meet court standards for admissibility. PageFreezer Legal solves this problem by providing an on-demand service that copies and authenticates web pages and social media accounts.

Attorneys can just visit and type the link of the webpage or social media account they need to capture. PageFreezer Legal then provides, within one business day, time-stamped and digitally signed screen captures in PDF format. The report also includes the HTML source code, including metadata, and a full collection report. A notarized affidavit is also available. Once collected, the information can easily be imported into most eDiscovery programs.

How to Get It

PageFreezer Legal features on-demand pricing and allows payment via credit card so that lawyers, investigators, or any user at all have the flexibility to use PageFreezer Legal only when they need to, without being tied to a monthly contract. A capture of a single web page costs $75, while a capture of a social media account is $475. PageFreezer Legal can also capture an entire website for $695 per site (up to 100 pages). If you need a custom bundle or have high volume collection needs, PageFreezer Legal will give you a custom quote. Get started at

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