Start 2018 Off Right with the New Clio

January is a time for planning. It’s a time to reflect on 2017 and reassess what’s important to your firm’s success. It’s a time to plan new benchmarks for the year and assess what tools are needed to get there.

Top priorities for many legal professionals going into the new year are to eliminate underearning habits, and increase billable hours all while being more organized. The 2017 Legal Trends Report uncovered that legal professionals spend only 2.3 hours on billable tasks in an 8 hour day. The vast majority of their non-billable time was spent on administrative tasks.

So where do you start tackling these top priorities? A simple solution is to assess the technology you rely on to drive your success.

To remain competitive in 2018 the ability to stay connected and integrated with your most-used tools will be critical. You need a practice management solution that acts as a central hub, allowing you to stay connected to your customers anytime, anywhere. You need a vendor that is as dedicated to your success as you are, one that continually advances their platform to ensure your success today and tomorrow.

The new Clio experience has been and remains a stand out option for legal professionals looking to advance their practice. Over the last year, Clio’s ground-up reinvention, featuring over 220+ enhancements and incorporating nine years of customer feedback, has been deemed a game changer by industry leaders. Its fast and intuitive interface, both on desktop and mobile apps, lets you focus on what matters most—practicing law.

The advantages of the new Clio experience go deeper than new features and improved design. Every aspect of Clio, including mobile, now leverages a common Application Programming Interface, API v4, which lets partners and customers alike connect technologies to Clio that can communicate and use each other’s functions. Clio is fostering an ecosystem that far outpaces the rate of innovation of any single company. With its network that now includes over 70 integration partners, Clio offers more integrations than any practice management solution. Clio customers can work the way they want, without having to double-enter data, allowing them to be more efficient and organized.

For legal professionals looking to 10x their benchmarks this year, be more efficient, and increase billable hours, the simple solution is to ensure you have the right tools in place to get there. Clio is a prime example of a company listening to and understanding customer needs, and ensuring their platform supports their customers’ success. Learn more about what the new Clio experience can do for your firm this year.

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