PATLive: Never Miss a Client Call, No Matter The Time of Day

When running a small or solo law firm, it is imperative you are responsive to a client’s calls. But that responsiveness can cost you time and attentiveness, impacting client work and potentially putting off a new potential client.

That’s why PATLive takes client calls for you with its 24/7 virtual receptionist services.

How PATLive Takes a Call for Your Law Firm

PATLive’s virtual receptionists are available 24/7, and the company has nearly 30 years of experience in taking calls on the behalf of law firms. Each virtual receptionist that takes your calls has gone through a rigorous screening process, been through weeks of training, and gets a dedicated coach to ensure call quality.

PATLive can also do more than just take calls. Virtual receptionists can handle lead collection, appointment scheduling, and order processing. And since PATLive is 24/7, their virtual receptionists can take after-hours calls, ensuring that you never miss out on retaining a new client for your firm.

PATLive also offers bilingual service, customizable agent scripts and call forwarding, as well as real-time messages to email. To garner trust with clients, PATLive will also give your firm a local city or toll-free prefix number. And if you have a number you’d like to use for your firm’s new virtual receptionist, PATLive will allow you to continue using it.

How Your Firm Can Get Its Own 24/7 Virtual Receptionist

To get started with PATLive’s virtual receptionist service, choose a plan that works for your firm and get a 14-day, no-strings-attached, free trial today. 

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