Never Go Out of Sync with MyCase’s New Outlook Plugin

Keeping your communications in sync with MyCase is necessary to maintain productive relationships with your clients. Now keeping communications in sync is easier than ever with MyCase’s completely restructured Outlook plugin.

How Does MyCase Sync Work?

Working completely in the background, MyCase Sync connects your contact and calendar information between Outlook and MyCase—keeping every important communication with clients accessible.

MyCase Sync also makes it easy to share specific information. Simply right-click on any event or contact to view more information in your MyCase portal. When necessary, you can also forward your email communications, where MyCase will auto-attach your communications to the right client.

And unlike most Outlook plugins, MyCase Sync does not require manual intervention. With background sync, your data is automatically refreshed and updated every 15 minutes. Syncing also does nothing to slow down or freeze Outlook, and any necessary updates are applied automatically. If needed, you can also customize your sync settings, ensuring that you are never slowed down by the MyCase Sync plugin. MyCase sync will also remember your MyCase login credentials.

How to Get It

MyCase Sync comes standard with MyCase and includes automatic background updates. It is available only on Microsoft Windows for Outlook 2013-2016, with a local install. To download the plugin, simply login to your MyCase account, click the drop down menu with your name on it, and select the App Bar. If you haven’t signed up for MyCase, get your free trial today.

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