LEAP 365: Comprehensive Cloud-Based Law Practice Management Software

LEAP 365 is cloud-based law practice management software designed exclusively for solosmall attorneys. LEAP helps you run your law firm efficiently so that you can spend more time practicing law.


LEAP 365 is an all-in-one law practice management software solution. It combines an integrated document management system, trust accounting, time recording, and billing in a single cloud-based product. Because everything runs in the cloud, LEAP users can merge letters, forms, and templates with client data in their browser. This means Mac users can also take advantage of this innovation.

Solosmall lawyers need to be nimble and mobile to conduct their business effectively. With LEAP, lawyers can capitalize on previously wasted out of office hours by working on the go. Thanks to LEAP’s mobile apps, you always have full access to all your matters, contacts, documents, correspondence, and accounting. The mobile apps sync automatically—in real time—to the cloud, so you are always up to date. You can also send and receive emails and make calls, all within the mobile app.

To get you up to speed quickly, LEAP includes an extensive library of document templates and preconfigured matter types. You can easily automate your most commonly-used forms so that you’re not wasting time on data entry. LEAP’s robust document management system means you can convert documents to PDF on the fly, perform full-text searching, scan documents from your mobile device, and more.

If you’ve been using a different law practice management software program, LEAP will import your contacts, matters, documents, templates, and transaction data. LEAP integrates with QuickBooks Online for accounting, Office 365 for email, and RapidPay (powered by LawPay) for credit card processing. With all of these integrations, LEAP 365 speeds up communication and collaboration within a firm, improving organizational efficiency and allowing law firms to do more work and make more money.

How to Get It

LEAP 365 costs $129 per user per month. This includes setup, training, and technical support. It also includes a modern website for your law firm. For more information or to schedule a demonstration, visit www.leap.us or call 844-702-LEAP.

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