Keep Your Website Updated & Secure with Conroy Creative Counsel

A safe, secure, and fast website is necessary to maintain client confidence in your law firm’s services. But to ensure that your website does that for your clients, regular maintenance will be needed. And at Conroy Creative Counsel, they know you didn’t go to law school to make websites load quickly and securely. That is why their team of professionals take care of it for you.

How Conroy Creative Counsel Gives Your Firm Peace of Mind With a Dedicated Tech Support Team

There are a number of reasons Conroy Creative Counsel can help you with maintaining your law firm’s website.

Dedicated Tech Team

With Conroy Creative Counsel’s website maintenance plan, your law firm now has a tech support team dedicated to your website, including help for updates, fixing errors, adding new features, or just general questions about how your website should operate.

Improved Google Rankings

Website maintenance isn’t only beneficial for your clients. It’s also invaluable work that keeps you in good standing with Google and other search engines, ensuring that qualified leads aren’t lost due to slow page speed times or security issues.

Preventing Hacking and Malware

Law firm websites are a prime target for hackers. That’s why Conroy Creative Counsel takes control of your website security, preventing nefarious visitors from installing malware or taking your website down. Read more about hacking threats in this article by Karin Conroy, owner of Conroy Creative Counsel.

Here are just a few more ways Conroy Creative Counsel’s website maintenance package works for you:

  1. Secure offsite backup. No matter what happens to your site, Conroy Creative Counsel will have a recent copy of it. This ensures that no matter what happens to your website, a full restoration is only a few clicks away.
  2. Regular site updates. Updating WordPress is a convoluted process that can often lead to rogue errors. Let Conroy Creative’s professional team manage all your updates, keeping your site safe and your WordPress install error-free.
  3. Content updates. Conroy Creative knows that firms change. That’s why they allow you to update content on your site three times a month, ensuring that your law firm’s brand is always current.

Additionally, Conroy Creative Counsel will check for malware, regularly conduct error checks, set an auto-password expiration, and send your firm monthly reports on the work that has been done.

Get Conroy Creative Counsel’s Website Maintenance Package Today

Are you ready for a website that is maintained by a team of tech professionals who work with law firms all across the country? Then click here to learn more about Conroy Creative Counsel’s website maintenance package today.

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