InfoTrack Helps Attorneys Streamline Searches

InfoTrack is a one-stop SaaS (software as a service) provider that makes it easy for you to search for data across multiple platforms, all without leaving the program. And thanks to partnerships with law practice management software programs such as LEAP, Clio, and Smokeball, your search results can be directly saved to the appropriate matter in your case management system.


Attorneys spend a lot of time looking up, and filing, data and forms. Often, this means hopping from platform to platform and tediously searching state by state. InfoTrack changes all that.

Do you work on matters that require property information lookup? InfoTrack can perform all your chain of title searches, find liens, discover current tax information, and more. If you work with UCC matters and need to search and file in multiple states, InfoTrack lets you perform all of those duties without leaving their platform.

InfoTrack has partnered with a number of other companies to help you reduce the amount of time you spend on research. Thanks to those partnerships, they can offer company credit searching, corporate linkage, information via Dun and Bradstreet, and more.

Using InfoTrack can also help you cut down on the time you spend searching various court databases. You can use InfoTrack to search for court records in all federal and bankruptcy courts. If you use PACER, you can perform a live search directly across all courts. Better still, you won’t need to keep checking a case docket. InfoTrack will keep track of all docket details and send you alerts when there’s activity in the case. It will even send you the court filings.

Thanks to its broad search capabilities, InfoTrack can help solo and small firms expand their offerings. There’s no need to subscribe to multiple databases just to perform one type of search or filing for a client. Instead, the per-transaction cost of InfoTrack can be passed along to the client. Costs are kept low because your search time is dramatically reduced.

How to Get It

There is no base subscription charge for InfoTrack. Instead, searches are charged per transaction, and all per-search costs are provided up front. To see how InfoTrack can help streamline your firm, book a free demo today.

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