Inbound Law Marketing Converts Clicks to Clients

Inbound Law Marketing is a leading provider of digital marketing services for law firms across North America. They specialize in creating comprehensive digital marketing and lead generation campaigns that “convert clicks into clients” and they’re building a name for themselves rapidly.

The secret to their success: industry focus. Inbound Law Marketing provides search engine marketing exclusively to lawyers. They provide search engine optimization (SEO) Google Adwords,  and website landing page design, all tailored for the legal industry.


Lawyers — especially those in small to medium-sized firms — need to be savvy with their marketing dollars and invest in techniques that provide a predictable return on their marketing investment. With smaller marketing budgets and increased competition, differentiation is challenging but vital.

Enter Inbound Law Marketing. Inbound Law Marketing’s founder brings over a decade of experience in digital marketing and search engine optimization (SEO). Inbound Law Marketing is a Google Certified Partner, which is an accreditation Google offers to companies that are experts in the use of AdWords and online advertising techniques. Because of that, they’re able to create integrated digital marketing campaigns that provide a steady stream of qualified sales leads.

Inbound Law Marketing also leverages the power of SEO. Many prospective clients will take to the internet to find a lawyer. It’s near impossible to rank in one of those coveted first few results without a properly optimized website. To go without is to risk of appearing much lower on search results than that of competitors. That means lost leads and, ultimately, lost clients. For the DIY lawyer, Inbound Law Marketing has published a comprehensive SEO resource, Law Firm SEO: Definitive Guide.

Sound SEO strategies and successful AdWords campaigns aren’t useful if consumers reach a website that is poorly designed or confusing to navigate. Instead of time-consuming and expensive redesigns, Inbound Law Marketing develops conversion landing pages built to perform. They extensively test those pages to make sure they speak directly to the audience a firm is trying to reach. In many cases, landing pages achieve a 30% increase in performance over standard websites.

How to Get It

Inbound Law Marketing offers a free 30-minute no-obligation consultation, and there are no long-term contracts, ever.

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