Embroker Streamlines Buying Malpractice Insurance

Embroker is a new type of insurance broker—one that uses technology to simplify the process of purchasing malpractice insurance. Their automated platform helps streamline the process of buying malpractice insurance, switching carriers, and filing claims.


Purchasing or renewing malpractice insurance can be the bane of an attorney’s existence. Shopping for the best rate and filling out applications is time-consuming, and that takes time away from the practice of law. Embroker helps streamline the malpractice insurance shopping process and provides greater transparency about retention limits and per attorney premiums—data that is not typically available to small firms.

Embroker’s cloud-based platform helps reduce the back-and-forth exchanges that are the unfortunate hallmark of insurance purchasing. Users just enter all data directly into Embroker’s platform. After that, Embroker takes care of benchmarking your policies against similar firms and cross-referencing your costs with firms of comparable size, policy limits, claims history, and risk tolerance.

Rather than filling out applications from scratch again and again, you’ll need only to perform minor updates yearly, because Embroker retains all your data. Better still, their platform helps you stay paperless by turning all of your policies and claims into online, always-available documents.

Embroker can also help your firm identify gaps in your coverage, ensuring that your firm obtains additional lines of insurance, such as automotive, umbrella, business owner, and cyber liability policies.

How to Get It

It is always free to create an account at Embroker. When you sign up, you provide them with information about your firm size and what type of coverage you are seeking, and Embroker will help you get the insurance your firm needs. You can also use Embroker’s platform to manage an existing corporate program.

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