Clio’s Trust Requests Helps Streamline Your Trust Payment Process

Clio is the full-featured practice management software that lets you manage your cases, track your time, invoice clients, automate documents, and more. Now, Clio has introduced its Trust Requests feature, which allows lawyers to more quickly and efficiently manage trust billing and payments.


Requesting trust payments from clients can be a tedious multi-step process, and it is often one that doesn’t integrate well with your practice management software or your Bar Association’s trust accounting needs. Clio’s new Trust Requests feature solves this problem by allowing attorneys to quickly prepare and send a bill to clients requesting an initial retainer or an increase in trust funds.

To make things easy and efficient, Trust Requests can be easily created in three areas of Clio: your “Bills” tab, a particular Matter, or when viewing a Contact. Trust Requests can then be easily shared with your clients either via email or Clio Connect, Clio’s secure client portal. Trust Requests are fully integrated into Clio’s robust feature set and allow for foolproof trust payment workflows for firms of any size.

With Clio Payments, Clio’s online credit processor, you can fully integrate your trust payments, and general invoicing with Clio. Powered by LawPay, with industry-low processing rates, Clio will cover your LawPay fees, and also allow you to accept credit card payments from clients on the spot. If you don’t use Clio Payments, you can still handle payments manually by adding a trust transaction to your trust ledger.

Clio’s Trust Requests and Payments also feature multiple customizable invoices and gives you a clear-cut audit trail showing how you’ve handled your trust funds. With Clio’s reporting features, you can easily see which trust accounts remain unpaid and open, and you can run a report on all payments made through Trust Requests.

How to Get It

Clio starts at $39/user/month with a free full-featured 30-day demo available. Users at the Loyalty, Boutique, and Elite tiers have access to the trust requests feature. Contact a Clio product expert to see how Clio can help with your specific trust accounting needs.

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