Clio’s QuickBooks Online Integration Ensures Accounts Are Reconciled

Clio is legal practice management software that helps lawyers administer and automate their firm needs, including time tracking, case management, and invoicing. With its new and improved integration with QuickBooks Online, Clio now allows users to sync trust amounts between Clio and QuickBooks Online.


Keeping track of trust accounts is vital, but it can be difficult to track across both your law practice management software and your accounting software. Typically, you end up having to double-enter material in both programs, which leaves a huge possibility for error. In order to eliminate that, Clio has strengthened and tightened their integration with QuickBooks Online. The update includes performance enhancements and improved workflows. Most importantly, it includes the ability to sync amounts in trust between Clio and QuickBooks Online.

Law firms have a unique accounting need: holding funds on behalf of their clients in specially-designated trust accounts. Amounts in trust are now seamlessly tracked from trust accounts in Clio to QuickBooks Online. These new enhancements include a fully automated trust workflow, which allows users to sync any advance fee deposits, escrow, or bill payments involving trust between both tools, instantly removing the need for double entry. This one-time data entry from Clio efficiently appears as a record in QuickBooks Online, and in turn, in users’ connected bank accounts.

The Clio and QuickBooks Online partnership showcases the business efficiencies that cloud-based tools, in sync, can provide to professionals. With this update, firms can conduct end-of-month bookkeeping efficiently, meaning lawyers and their support staff can spend more time on the billable tasks that make firms profitable.

How to Get It

Clio starts at $39/user/month for the Starter level, and there is also a full-featured free 30-day trial available. The Boutique user tier, at $59/user/month, and the Elite tier, at $99/user/month, both include the new and improved integration with QuickBooks Online. Try Clio for free or schedule a demo to see how Clio can help with your specific needs.

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