LEAP 365 Puts Client Information At Your Fingertips

LEAP offers all the software you need to run your small law firm. Whether it’s automated documents, billing, or accounting, LEAP handles it all in one convenient platform. And with LEAP 365, your practice management software is always available on every device you have.

How LEAP 365 Works

At your law firm, LEAP is the primary mode by which you communicate and work with clients. With LEAP 365, working on client cases isn’t just confined to your desktop.

All information that you have with LEAP is immediately accessible from your PC, mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. This is due to LEAP’s powerful real-time sync technology. In addition, store your documents in the cloud. And through your favorite browser (on Windows or Mac), merge letters, forms, and templates with client data.

This powerful syncing technology creates a frictionless LEAP experience as you move throughout your day. Giving you the opportunity to work no matter where you have to be, allowing you to take back hours in your day.

By using LEAP 365’s newly-implemented real-time software, your client data will never be out of sync.

How To Get It

LEAP 365 is part of the LEAP practice management software system, which also includes matter management, document creation and management, law firm marketing, trust accounting, and more. Visit the LEAP website to book your demonstration of LEAP’s innovative, easy-to-use software.

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