CASEpeer’s Settlement Tracking Gives Personal Injury Attorneys Insights

CASEpeer is law practice management software tailored for personal injury attorneys. It’s designed from the ground up to track the things those attorneys need, such as insurance adjusters, medical records, and more. The settlement negotiation features in CASEpeer help attorneys get both an overview and a granular view of where settlements are at.


Personal injury cases have a lot of moving parts. Attorneys need to be mindful of things like health insurance subrogation, attorney liens, and medical treatment. Because of this, settlement negotiations can be very complex. CASEpeer helps attorneys track those complexities so negotiations remain on track.

Within each case you’re working on, CASEpeer creates a settlement tab. That means that you never have to leave your case to see where you and your client stand. You can see demands, offers, and counteroffers, log when offers are accepted, and see when checks are deposited. The settlement tab also tracks client trust information.

Sometimes, you also need to get a big picture of settlements firm-wide. CASEpeer’s settlement management dashboard allows attorneys to see all pending demands, offers, accepted offers, and money received. With this, attorneys can get a clear idea of fees received in the current month and fees that are expected. This means your firm has a much better picture of its cashflow.

When it comes time to report results, CASEpeer has a number of reports that allow attorneys to see what case types result in more profitable settlements, track settlements against different insurance companies, and more.

Finally, CASEpeer has a number of new features designed to make attorneys’ lives easier and firms more efficient. You can now two-way sync CASEpeer’s calendar with Outlook, Google, Office 365 and Microsoft Exchange. Additionally, you can now text your clients and receive client texts without leaving CASEpeer. Next month, CASEpeer will have a calendar rules integration, allowing law firms to calendar court deadlines for any U.S. jurisdiction.

How to Get It

CASEpeer bases its pricing on the size of your firm. Firms of 1-3 users can get CASEpeer for $55 per user per month, while firms of 4-9 users will pay $70 per user per month. CASEpeer also has enterprise-level solutions for larger firms. Contact CASEpeer to set up a time for a free demo and see if CASEpeer is right for your personal injury firm.

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