Grow Your Client Base by Joining ARAG’s Attorney Network

ARAG is a legal insurance provider that provides group and individual legal insurance plans to help consumers access attorneys and control legal costs. ARAG’s national network of attorney providers offers services directly to those consumers, who are often of moderate or modest means.


Many people will not seek out the advice of an attorney. They are afraid it will cost too much and they are worried about the quality of services they will receive. Meanwhile, many solo and small practice attorneys have a difficult time building referrals. ARAG’s legal plans bridge the access gap by connecting consumers who have legal needs with experienced attorneys who wish to build their business. After their initial interaction with network attorneys, ARAG members typically want a long-term professional relationship with that attorney and even refer the attorney to friends and family. In fact, 88% of people who use ARAG attorneys are likely to refer them to friends and family. (Based on 2015 ARAG member satisfaction survey.)

Just as individuals who join legal plans receive a variety of advantages, attorneys who join ARAG’s attorney network receive a host of benefits. They receive free referrals, often from individuals who might not otherwise seek out legal services. For most matters, ARAG handles the administrative details regarding payment, ensuring that attorneys do not have to spend time worrying about collecting money from clients directly. Attorneys can maintain their normal scope of practice as ARAG does not require an exclusive commitment in order to join its network. Importantly, attorneys who participate in ARAG’s network increase their visibility to consumers without paying marketing or referral fees by being listed in ARAG’s network directory as a preferred provider. Finally, ARAG members may recommend ARAG attorneys to non-members, further increasing an attorney’s client base.

How to Join the ARAG Network

There is no fee to  join or participate in the ARAG attorney network. If you are interested in having an opportunity to increase your client base while assisting consumers who might not otherwise have access to quality legal assistance, you can begin the enrollment process here.

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