ARAG: Increasing Access to Justice and Attorney Referrals

ARAG is a legal insurance provider that works to increase access to justice by offering affordable legal services delivered by seasoned attorneys. Attorneys who enroll in ARAG’s network get access to a client base and resources to help them grow their practice.


Consumers of moderate and modest means often believe that they will not be able to access legal services because they will be too costly. Those consumers also often hold the belief that the services of an attorney will make no difference in resolving their legal problems. Legal insurance helps these consumers by taking the risk and guesswork out of getting legal help. ARAG’s insurance policies and certificates meet stringent federal and state laws, rules and regulations to protect consumers and attorneys.

Legal insurance works similar to health insurance. Plan members pay a monthly fee to ARAG and are then able to access ARAG’s 11,000-provider attorney network. ARAG generally handles receipt of the consumer fees and negotiates a fixed rate with attorneys in its network and then pays those attorneys directly. Clients are relieved of the anxieties of finding a reputable provider, negotiating fees, and paying legal bills. ARAG also provides plan members with guidebooks, informational materials, and an interactive DIY legal document assembly tool created by attorneys.

While many individuals have trouble accessing legal services, many attorneys, particularly solo and small practitioners, have a difficult time finding clients. Attorneys have an opportunity to enroll in ARAG’s attorney network, which gives them access to a base of clients with no referral fee or joining fee. ARAG also works to create an attorney network that reflects the needs and demographics of its members, including providing multilingual attorneys and interpreting services. ARAG provides resources and training on best practices and technology trends to help attorneys keep pace with client expectations.

How to Join the ARAG Network

ARAG contracts with each attorney individually. Find full details of the rights and obligations of an ARAG Network Attorney and how to begin the enrollment process here.

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