Nexa Virtual Receptionist Services at a Fraction of the Cost

Nexa provides 24/7 phone service with live receptionists that are trained to answer your calls exactly as you specify.


Lawyers may balk at the idea of hiring a virtual receptionist, but doing so can provide significant cost savings without sacrificing on quality. A well-trained virtual receptionist provides your firm with all the benefits of an in-house employee without the associated costs. Answer1 gives firms the ability to make a tremendous front-line impression to your clients and potential clients.

When you hire an employee, you’re responsible for their salary, their bonuses, their paid time off, their healthcare, and often their pension or 401K plan. However, you don’t just have to spend money. You have to spend time—time training that new receptionist.

Hiring a virtual receptionist gets you all the benefits of that full-time employee, but you don’t need to have a massive outlay of time or money. Nexa’s virtual receptionists can answer your calls 24/7, precisely the way you’d like. And they don’t just answer your phone. They can perform lead qualification, which ensures higher-quality leads reach your desk and can increase your conversion rate. They can also set appointments, freeing you up from that task to spend more time serving your clients and making money.

Nexa can also be a superior choice, rather than a full-time in-house receptionist because their virtual receptionists are available 24/7. Your business doesn’t stop at 5 pm, and your receptionist really can’t either.

Finally, Nexa’s virtual receptionists are trained in a number of programs attorneys use for matter management and intake, such as Clio and Lexicata. You’d have to train an in-house receptionist on those programs, but Nexa’s virtual receptionists are already fully trained in those applications and more.

How to Get It

Nexa offers plans for law firms ranging from $239/month for 100 receptionist minutes to $749/month for 500 receptionist minutes. Each plan includes lead qualification and appointment scheduling. You also get custom call scripts and workflow, follow-up calls, calendar and CRM integration, and many other features, including Clio and Lexicata integration. All plans include 24 hours of coverage 7 days a week and bi-lingual receptionist services for Spanish-speaking callers.

Nexa offers a 21-day money back guarantee with no long-term commitments.

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